Owner/Head Trainer

Growing up I was a huge animal lover. As soon as I could walk I was riding horses and until the age of 10 I began working with dogs and horses. Any chance I got to pet an animal or just have any type of interaction with an animal, both big or small, I took it. I’ve been an avid horse and dog lover my whole life. I enjoyed training and working with all of my family's and friends' dogs from teaching them how to shake to walking on a leash. I developed a wonderful passion for saving animals lives and training dogs. I realized in 2014 when my husband and I rescued our dog, Ruger, that I wanted to turn my passion into a career. He didn’t have any obedience, manners or balance in his life. His controlling and unstable state of mind lead me to seek further help. We received some training from a local trainer and fell in love with the career path. From then on we began our journey to train dogs. Ruger changed my life the way I feel I changed his. What I thought was a dog who was just happy to have a loving and caring home, was actually a dog who was very unstable because he had no control and balance in his life. He helped me learn, not only about him, but also myself and my potential. After seeing the results of an unbalanced and mentally unstable dog transforming into a  more balanced and obedient dog, it made me want to help those that were struggling also. I began working with a local rescue group and trained family and friends' dogs to build, not only hands on experience, but knowledge as well. I believe communication and having a strong bond with your dog is very important. Building a relationship is one of the most important things you can do with your dog. Without that relationship, you'll always be stuck and never really be able to move forward. Not only building that relationship with your dog, but understanding the dog on a more mental basis and realizing what your dog truly needs as a dog and not what, we, as humans think a dog may need or want. With my dogs, every day is a training opportunity, we do real world training. Ruger is currently my service dog and as a service dog so many different scenarios are thrown in our path. We utilize all of the opportunities thrown our way and use them for training. Having an obedient and balanced dog isn't something that happens overnight. Having a great and well trained dog is something you build upon. Here, at Apex Dog Training, we give you the tools and show you how to properly give your dog what they truly need. We also show you how to communicate with your dog(s) so that you can achieve a proper relationship as a dog and owner. We give you the foundation to build on and give you the do's and don’ts to follow so that you too can have that great bond. Be sure to check out our website and get familiar with the tools we use and the services we offer. If you have any questions be sure to contact us! We look forward to working with you!


Owner/Head Trainer

My love for all animals, especially dogs and horses, began when I was very young. I started out teaching family dogs tricks and working with them on obedience. I began horseback riding lessons at a young age and couldn’t get enough of either animal. Back in October of 2014, my husband and I rescued a dog named Ruger. Neither of us would have ever guessed that little trouble maker would have led us on this great adventure. Ruger had behavioral issues and a lack of manners that led us to a local trainer. The local trainer, who has become a great friend now, gave us all the tools and guidance we needed to communicate with Ruger. After working with him day and night, I quickly fell in love with dog training. Ruger and I became an amazing team and forged an unbreakable bond. The bond Ruger and I had formed made my decision all that much easier to make him my medical alert service dog. We saw such a huge change and impact in our lives that we wanted to create this for others. Thus Apex Dog Training was created with idea of helping others in similar situations and improve relationships between dogs and owners. Every year I attend seminars around the country to continue my education and learn new and different approaches to training. My love for training has blossomed over the years and I’ve been able to share it with so many people and build my own personal pack of 7 dogs. All of our dogs help aid in the training and have their own individual characteristics that lend a helping paw with others.


Business Manager

Shelley grew up as dog lover and avid equestrian. She connected with Apex when she rescued her Doberman puppy Pippa. At the time, Pippa was only 13 weeks old but had already spent more than half of her life living in a veterinary hospital for life-saving medical treatment. Early on Shelley recognized signs that Pippa missed out on key developmental milestones due to being separated from her litter too young and reached out to Apex because she wanted to prevent those tendencies from becoming behavioral problems later in life. As an Apex client, Shelley saw how training provided an essential foundation and changed her relationship with Pippa for the better and wanted to become more involved with training. She began helping Katelyn out with the administrative side of the business, learning more about training and gaining hands-on experience with dogs. Shelley also works full-time as a chemist, holds an MBA and is a board member for Georgia Doberman Rescue. She lives with her husband, Jon, and their three dobermans Scarlett, Pippa and Jett.


Jr. Trainer/Kennel Tech

Alex started out as a client at Apex with her Black Lab mix Missy. Missy was a dog in desperate need of help. Missy was dog and human reactive and very fearful leading to unwanted behaviors. Although, she grew up around horses and other dogs , Missy presented some behaviors that needed to be addressed with professional help which lead us to Apex. Alex fell in love with training and wanted to provide as much support and guidance for Missy by giving leadership and structure in her life. Alex's dedication with Missy's training gave her the opportunity to grow and learn more and to be able to provide knowledge and support to families in need. Alex is now the Jr. trainer and kennel tech for Apex Dog Training and enjoys learning the skills and techniques of  training and communication. Alex is also the Children’s Pastor at a local church, Christ Chapel. Alex lives with her two dogs, Missy the Labrador Retriever and Dante the Catahoula mix.

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