What Are Our Methods?  


During all of our programs, your dog will learn how to follow commands and strive for a better communication, not just with humans as a whole, but with their owner. We show your dog guidance and structure throughout their program with us. We teach owners the importance of communication and structure with their dog so they can have a better relationship and enjoy a better lifestyle. We use our calm on command training to ensure your dog to be calm in all real life situations without having to have hours of walking and playing time. Your dog also learns proper socialization and pack order with humans. In all of our programs your dog will receive around the clock training 7 days a week. All programs include a Herm Sprenger prong collar or slip lead and sessions at the end of the program.

why do we offer only board and train programs?

We offer board and train programs because it allows your dog to be in a neutral environment and allows us to build a relationship from scratch. They build trust with us and learn to look to their handler for guidance. It allows the dog to learn and build confidence without relying on their owner. It helps with the process of addressing/eliminating bad behaviors and building a new relationship with their owners. Once the dog(s) have reached the end of the training period, the owner(s) are shown the proper methods to maintain what has been taught to the dogs. The owners are also given helpful guides to use as reference to when needed

Why do we use a Prong collar?

 I use this tool for various reasons. First being because it is one of the most effective and humane tools in the training market today. When you are using choke chains and regular collars, you are essentially damaging your dog’s neck and throat over a span of time. With the prong collar, it distributes even pressure around their neck and giving quick, but effective corrections. We use these collars for a gentler guidance with dogs we train. Prong collars are designed for that clear and precise communication that dogs and their owner need, they were not designed for pain. When dogs are getting that clear and precise communication, it builds confidence in both owner and dog. I have seen such drastic life changing results by using proper communication and tools.

what is a Remote collar and why do we use it?

What is a Mini Educator Remote Collar and why do we use it? A remote collar includes a remote and a collar with a transmitter on it. The remote collar allows you to communicate with your dog in a similar way you would with a leash and prong collar, except you don’t have to be right next to them. The remote collar we use is both waterproof and allows up to ½ mile distance between owner and dog. It allows you to communicate with your dog using low level stimulation while they are off leash. I love this tool because it’s great for family hiking, camping, trips to the lake and so much more. The remote collar is used as a backup to the clear communication we give to our dog. It gives the dog a quick and precise correction just like how we use our prong collars. While used properly, just like the prong collar, it is humane and effective. The collar ranges from 0-100, while most dogs work under a 10 in the house and under 20 outside (some dogs vary). It’s an all-around great way to communicate with your dog while still enjoying the life outside.

Do we use treats to train?

No we do not use treats however each dog is rewarded differently depending on what we feel is the best for the dog. Instead of treats we use either food, toys or affection depending on what works best for that particular dog.